When you list with us you get a whole team in your corner!  Our team is comprised of inherently talented and skilled individuals united in our mission to be the real estate team of choice by creating memorable experiences and gaining clients for life.
 We pride ourself on the strategic collaboration of our team members. By leveraging each team member's area of expertise we are able to provide a seamless experience for you from start to finish!

 Experience Matters! 

Your property is unique! It deserves to be marketed as such. We believe that no two properties are the same, each has a unique story. Our job is to tell that story and make you fall in love. We want you to fall head over heels and get swept off your feet by your own listing! Why? Because then buyers will do the same! 


 Wouldn't you want the future buyer(s) of your home to point out any deficiencies that you're unaware of? Of course not! You would want to know if there is anything "potentially" going on before going into negotiations! That's the value of a pre-listed home inspection.
A pre-listing home inspection sheds light on any unseen fixes that need addressing. If the pre-inspection uncovers anything that needs to be addressed, you can either 1) fix it or 2) get a quote to fix it. The best part? You can discuss the next best steps in a LOW-pressure environment! This ensures a smoother, more efficient transaction, gives your buyers confidence, and saves you time, stress, and money!  




Home staging has quickly become one of the most effective real estate marketing strategies in the industry. Home staging ensures that the home looks its best and captures the emotion of buyers, who are making one of the biggest purchases of their lifetime. Not only do our preferred stagers ensure that the home is in its best shape possible, but they take it a step further and add special touches that make it warm and inviting. If you are still skeptical that home staging is valuable and has the power to sell your home faster and for more money, check out these home staging statistics:

   A staged home spends an average of 73% less time on the market. 

  •   81% of buyers say home staging makes it easier to visualize the property as their future home. 
  •   Buyers are willing to spend 1%-5% more of the dollar value on a staged home than on a non-staged home. 
     Do you now see the value in a staged home? Great! Let's move on! 


 Buyers have so many options and swipe through thousands of photos online in order to find "the one" they're going to call "home."   When you have but only a split second to captivate a buyer's attention and have your listing stand out from the rest, the photos need to stop them in their tracks! Professional photography, with a creative eye for every listing, is our standard. Our images are shot with wide-angle lenses and drones, are high resolution, and are always unfiltered!   Our unique, custom property videos have a viral effect! By strategically targeting the potential buyer demographic for your listing, they will typically attract thousands of views within just a couple of days!  



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In a digital world, buyers want to see more than just a few photos. We take it a step further with our listings, allowing buyers to virtually walk through the home, look at floor plans, and take their own room measurements! 3D tours generate 40% more clicks, 49% more email and phone inquiries, and reel in, on average, 45% more qualified potential buyers. The world is changing. Buyers are viewing properties from the comfort of their own homes. We give them the ability to do so! 



The "Put the sign on the lawn, then hope and pray" approach simply does not work and does not exist in our repertoire. Our team has sophisticated online marketing and social media tools to target and convert potential buyers. We get each one of our listings in front of thousands of eyes even before it hits the market with the use of our exclusive network and e-marketing systems. We focus on the industry systems that work and use the best strategies. Including coming soon ads, targeted and segmented email blasts, targeting campaigns, and just listed campaigns. We are trained to utilize social media outlets, such as Facebook and Instagram, on a higher level with a great understanding of the algorithms needed to market effectively to potential buyers on these platforms.

Our listings are showcased on their own custom-branded website, retrofitted to exhibit not only your property but the neighbourhood it's situated in! On the front end, your tailored website provides buyers with ALL the information they need, including a FULL neighbourhood report, photos, virtual tour, 3D tour, videos, and more. On the back end, we implement keyword strategies to raise your listing's SEO (search engine optimization) to rank higher on any Google web search. We don't leave any stone unturned! Along with a strong digital advertising plan, we work with professional graphic designers to create consistent polished and modern print marketing materials: brochures, flyers, and signage for your lawn.

Did some of this confuse you? Don't worry, we've got it all figured out!

We let our results speak for themselves, so we don't have to!

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